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How To Maximise Results While Using SocialOnTheBeat™

If you want to maximise the number of followers and engagement you get from SocialOnTheBeat, it is vital that you are posting frequently and consistently on Instagram.

We recommend the following:

  • Post once a day on your Instagram wall.
  • Post a minimum of 3 times on your Instagram story.

Limit your wall posts to a maximum of one per day and your story posts to 6 per day. Posting too frequently can do more harm than good for your profile.

Instagram’s organic reach algorithm has recently changed and has made fresh & genuine engagement a priority when choosing what to show new followers and what to showcase on the Explore page, so it is vitally important that your followers are engaging with your content.

The best way to do this, is to ask questions. With every post, ask your followers a question i.e. “What do you guys think of this?”, “Rate this beat”, “Shall I drop this song?”. Whatever the question might be, it is a great way to engage with your followers.

Regarding what you post, try to keep it at a ratio of 2:1 – meaning, for every 2 posts to do with your music, try to post something a little more personal to you. People are always more likely to build a connection with you when engaging with personal content.

Follow these guidelines and you will definitely start to build a following rapidly while using SocialOnTheBeat.